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                 ~  Safari Plains  ~
            Mabula, South Africa
                  ~ Cape Town ~ 
                    South Africa
             ~ Sossusvlei Desert ~
North Italy 
San Francisco
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My name is Val Simich, I enjoy traveling and have a passion for photography. Both traveling and photography have had a major part for most of my life. My love for travel led me to a discovery of an overwhelming passion for photography early in life.

My images are how I share my experiences, tell my story, and hopefully inspire others to chase their passion. I am an artist and creator at heart, by sharing my photography with those that have like interest, with my website Lov2Foto ~ FotoGallery I hope to help create a sense of community for other travelers to have and share their own adventurers.

Some people are eye-minded, I being one of them ~ I particularly enjoy seeing things, and retaining visual memories, and being able to share with others ~ photography provides that for me.


I believe that every photo captured is also freezing history at that instant, and what one sees through a lens is their own artistic vision at that given instant. I am sharing with you my art and vision as a travel photographer focused on Mother Earth.
















All Images © 2019 Valarie Simich ~ All Rights Reserved

Watering Hole At Etosha Nat'l Park, Nami
 Flower1 ~ West Coast, South Africa
Gemstock-Oryx Etosha Nat'l Park Namibia
Giraffe Face Safari Plains, Mabula, Sout
Lioness Standing Safari Plains Mabula So
Two Seagull on Beach At Langebaan, South


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Val Simich 
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