May 2019 Photography


Damaraland, Namibia

Damaraland, Namibia is a very special place, from the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings, and the Himba Villages whose people, and culture is adapting to centuries of change within a matter of years to the tourists interested in their lifestyle. They see the benefits it brings to openly sharing and giving a glimpse of their way of life to those that come to visit. I enjoyed both with respect and loving eyes and lens.

Until the late 1980s there were people living in the area who relied entirely on a hunter-gatherer existence, using only stone implements ~ reminding me just how remote this area was until very recently. Still today the traditional Himba lady costume is adorned with ochre over their bodies, practical and beautiful.


I found them also to be very artistic, making and selling their beautiful jewelry and other crafts to their village visitors.

Besides photographing the Himba people, Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings, local wildlife Desert Elephants and Damara Dik-dik, I also had an opportunity to see and photograph the oldest living plant on Earth ~ The Welwitschia (Mirabilis), female and male, 2000 year old living fossils. ~ Amazing!

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