A Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone. "Aloha" means, "hello", "good bye", "love", and “compassion.”  ~  "Spread the Aloha Spirit!"  or "Where's the Aloha?"  It’s used symbolically to represent a kind, and giving spirit, or peace. 

Hawaii Is Heaven On Earth

~ What can I say, Hawaii is Heaven on Earth ~

I lived several years in the islands (on O’ahu and Maui) and loved every minute of it! ~ The local or native people are as lovely as the tropical environment, weather, and food.

They embraced this 'Haole' (usually white people, not Hawaiian or Polynesian) ~ I was educated through and by these gracious people; they openly shared and showed me just how important our tourist dollar impacts a people, a community, a state, and their livelihoods ~ and how it becomes a culture from birth to death, how it is a way of life. Tourism is how Hawaii thrives, it is their top priority as a people and state.

Yellow Hibiscus

Hawaii State Flower

A little background & history ~ Hawaii is eight larger islands, seven of which are permanently inhabited, and many more scattered smaller islands, that are not within the tourism realm. The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanic activity initiated at an undersea magma source called the Hawaii Hotspot. The process is continuing to build islands. Hawaii's tallest mountain Mauna Kea (on large island of Hawaii) is 13,796 ft (4,205 m) above sea level; it is taller than Mount Everest if measured from the base of the mountain, which lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean and rises about 33,500 feet (10,200 m).

Hawaii is located 2,000 mi (3,200 km) southwest of the United States, It is the only U.S. state that is not geographically located in North America, the only state completely surrounded by water and that is entirely an archipelago, and the only state in which coffee is commercially cultivable. Hawaii became a territory of the United States August 12,1898, and then was admitted as a U.S. state on August 21, 1959.

A common Hawaiian explanation of the name of Hawai’i is that it was named for Hawai’iloa, a legendary figure from Hawaiian myth. He is said to have discovered the islands when they were first settled.

The aboriginal culture of Hawaii is Polynesian. Hawaii represents the northernmost extension of the vast Polynesian Triangle of south and central Pacific Ocean. Traditional Hawaiian culture is still strong in the Hawaiian society, there are re-enactments of the ceremonies and traditions throughout the islands, such as the lu’au, and hula, that is shared with visiting tourists to the islands, and practiced throughout the states.

The cuisine of Hawaii is fusion, you name it, it’s there! ~ Foods brought to the islands by immigrants; beside the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine, there is Polynesian, American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Puerto Rican, Portuguese origins, and more.

They have their main stay or traditional foods, such as Taro, or Hawaiian Kalo, a central cooking ingredient ~ they pound the Taro to make Poi, a starch eaten with the fingers, served at lu'au's. Another lu'au food served is the Kalua Pig, pork wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground in an oven known as a 'imu'. Spam Musubi is an example of the fusion of ethnic cuisine that developed in the islands among the mix of immigrant groups, and military personnel. In the 1990’s, a group of chefs developed Hawaii Regional Cuisine, as a contemporary fusion cuisine.

You can probably see more rainbows on the island of O’ahu, than any other place on Earth. A visual and memory gift I will carry forever. If you are on the Honolulu side of the island, it can be sunny with blue sky over you, but you will feel a light misty shower falling down, floating on the winds from the North shore, and in that direction you will see a beautiful perfect rainbow. I must have seen a rainbow most days. I will remember that, and the smell of flowers, and the music and dance everywhere, and oh the smiles.

~ Just Lovely & Unforgettable!  ~



(Thank You)

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