May 2019 Photography

Sossusvlei Desert, Namibia

The Sossusvlei are enormous apricot colored dunes with gracefully curving ridges and deep valley’s, that are best photographed in the sharp light of dawn or soft sunset light. Climb the dunes at sunrise to catch the best light for photographing Oryx, feathery Acacia trees or the rare Quiver trees growing in the area.


Also, exploring the African skies is extraordinary, stargazing is true tranquility and food for the soul, so look up to the big open skies and look at the stars you do not see in the upper hemisphere.


The Sossusvlei is the symbol of the Namib Desert, and is often the area most people talk about when visiting.


It is such a unique and beautiful place on Earth, with the many dead Acacia trees dating over 500 years old, that mark old courses of rivers that are now dried up. The Namib Desert is the stuff that postcards are made of.  Just Breathtaking!